Curious about the experiences of dental clinics that decided to sell their practice to DentConnect? Please read their comments and find out if they match with your wishes and ambitions. If you want to find out more on your benefits were you to join us, please get in touch with us.


”Dentconnect understands the values of our clinics. In a short time, we have created a model that enables growth and ensures high professionalism.”

E. Andersen, Dentist, Denmark



"DentConnect gathers and utilizes the expertise of each person, working together to make us stronger. Our organization is therefore more effective than when everyone works separately."

J. Biesheuvel, Dentist,The Netherlands



"When reception is very busy and the phone rings, it’s difficult to provide the caller with the best attention. Still, people must be able to contact the clinic. In such cases, DentConnect’s Contact Center can take care of callers. We aim to provide the best possible service to all our patients."

R. van Rie, Front desk staff, The Netherlands



"As a partner with a large clinic, I am still very happy with our decision to join DentConnect. Much of our entrepreneurial concerns have been removed due to extended partner knowledge and collaboration."

P. de Kok, Renowned restorative dentist, The Netherlands



“DentConnect creates a framework for networking with other dentists and specialists. It gives me an understanding of the dental industry and its future prospects. In addition, my clinic gets support in quality assurance and implementation of new procedures.”

N. Kümmel, Dentist, Denmark



"Recruiting a new dentist or finding a replacement used to be very time-consuming. The HR department of DentConnect assists in finding and presenting candidates to select from. This saves me a lot of stress!"

D. Kuppens, Practice manager, The Netherlands



"Thanks to the DentConnect Academy, you can continue to learn and develop skills in the interest of the patient and yourself."

M. Voets, Clinical Director, The Netherlands



"Within DentConnect our practice is able to retain its own identity, and we look forward to a robust future in a rapidly changing dental world.

H. Kraan, Dentist/ implantologist, The Netherlands



"The DentConnect Academy offers many opportunities to continue to develop and improve in my chosen field."

Young dentist, The Netherlands



"Because DentConnect took over operational matters, I was able to focus on what is most important to me: providing the best oral health care!"

P. Mertz, Retired dentist, The Netherlands



"Several clinics within the region were looking for a suitable form of collaboration. Together we found a strong partner in DentConnect, who helped us during the process and now supports and unburdens us on a daily basis."

K. van der Burg, Dentist, The Netherlands